Sunday, June 20, 2010


Jackson said he wanted to go for ice cream this afternoon... we went but he could not eat it ... we took him throught the car wash.. he loved that... and then for a long ride out to grandma and grandpa goatheads house .. we sat outside and he seemed to like that . when we got in front of his house he started yelling no !! so we went a little farther .. got him a happy meal ...but alas he did not eat that either... we offered him yogurt, cheese slices, and cereal tonight... the poor little guy drank a sippy cup of iced tea all day ... that makes me so sad... i think his mouth pain has subsided a bit but now his appetite is gone... once the steroids kick in and his appetitie takes off again it will be time for the "jaw pain" meds again the little guy does not have a chance!! Cancer is so cruel!!! we brought the rocking chair downstairs tonite and mammmaw rockd him and sang the chubbby little creep song over and over ... he liked that!! :)