Friday, July 29, 2011


Most  of you who have followed me through the last year either by blogging, face book, or etsy, all know about JACKSON.  He is my 3 year old grandson who a year ago was diagnosed with Burkit's lymphoma.
He was diagnosed last May ( right after he had turned 2).  He  had surgery where they removed a golf ball size  mass from his colon. The doctors  recommended 2 "light' rounds of Chemo  to  guarantee there was no more cancer. Thus began our journey ... Jackson and I  have always had a special bond but for some  reason he would not let anyone else ( including his mom and dad )  be with him at the hospital. so i did not leave his side  for 4 months . We went through the terrible experience of  him losing his hair , losing his appetite ( he lost 12lbs)  and being so scared and confused he  could not  even  cry any more. Jackson went from being a normal 2 year old weighing 38 lbs to a small frail quiet child weighing 23lbs and unable to eat or drink with out vomiting. The only comfort for him was his Mamaw(me) ,his MiMi ( fleece Chicago bears blankie I had made him) and his BaBa(sippy cup)  . We rocked the days and nights away  singing  songs ..his favorite being "I know an ole lady".  I made him capes to wear for his Chemo treatments so he could "Fly In and  Back Out Fast". He was such a trooper through it all!!! Even when he lost his hair Jackson  know he was still "Mammaw's Pretty Baby" ( what to this day he says if someone asks who he is ). has been a year   and Jackson is doing GREAT!!! He weighs over 40 lbs now!!  He went from size 18months to a 5/6!!! He has a BEAUTIFUL  head of hair that has been cut at least 8 times since it grew back in. Jackson  will be starting Preschool this September. He is looking forward to his new baby brother ,Charlie arriving in September.  He is a ornery, smart, energetic little boy who does not talk much about last summer.  He still loves his Mammaw and I thank God everyday for My Pretty Baby. I have learned  to  appreciate the small things in life and enjoy every minute! Thanks for letting me share  our story. I was inspired to write this after reading another blogger"s post (Kim).

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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