Friday, July 29, 2011


Most  of you who have followed me through the last year either by blogging, face book, or etsy, all know about JACKSON.  He is my 3 year old grandson who a year ago was diagnosed with Burkit's lymphoma.
He was diagnosed last May ( right after he had turned 2).  He  had surgery where they removed a golf ball size  mass from his colon. The doctors  recommended 2 "light' rounds of Chemo  to  guarantee there was no more cancer. Thus began our journey ... Jackson and I  have always had a special bond but for some  reason he would not let anyone else ( including his mom and dad )  be with him at the hospital. so i did not leave his side  for 4 months . We went through the terrible experience of  him losing his hair , losing his appetite ( he lost 12lbs)  and being so scared and confused he  could not  even  cry any more. Jackson went from being a normal 2 year old weighing 38 lbs to a small frail quiet child weighing 23lbs and unable to eat or drink with out vomiting. The only comfort for him was his Mamaw(me) ,his MiMi ( fleece Chicago bears blankie I had made him) and his BaBa(sippy cup)  . We rocked the days and nights away  singing  songs ..his favorite being "I know an ole lady".  I made him capes to wear for his Chemo treatments so he could "Fly In and  Back Out Fast". He was such a trooper through it all!!! Even when he lost his hair Jackson  know he was still "Mammaw's Pretty Baby" ( what to this day he says if someone asks who he is ). has been a year   and Jackson is doing GREAT!!! He weighs over 40 lbs now!!  He went from size 18months to a 5/6!!! He has a BEAUTIFUL  head of hair that has been cut at least 8 times since it grew back in. Jackson  will be starting Preschool this September. He is looking forward to his new baby brother ,Charlie arriving in September.  He is a ornery, smart, energetic little boy who does not talk much about last summer.  He still loves his Mammaw and I thank God everyday for My Pretty Baby. I have learned  to  appreciate the small things in life and enjoy every minute! Thanks for letting me share  our story. I was inspired to write this after reading another blogger"s post (Kim).


NotSoShabbyChic said...

How wonderful for you all Georgia! Here's to many many more happy and healthy years!

Mami Made It said...

So good to hear that everything went well. You both are so strong and brave. All the best for you, Jackson and your family.

Gerushia's New World said...

Oh Georgia...this just breaks my heart, but I'm smiling because Jackson is well and happy now! You and Jackson are both an inspiration and I am so happy to have met you through our blogs!

Give that little boy a kiss for me!

Gerushia's New World said...

Wow he is adorable. I cant believe its been a year already.. So glad to see him bounding back so quickly.