Saturday, August 28, 2010

SHARE YOUR VINTAGE COOKBOOKS  VISIT southernladys blog  and see the awesome vintage cook books we have shared !!! I have added my favorite cookbook !! It is the Better Homes Cookbook  I recieved at my Bridal shower 39 years ago... I think I have used it everyday since then!!! The sugar cookies I made using this recipe have become quite famous ! I have won several awards for them!
Five years ago for Christmas I  bought my three daughters and my daughterin law the New Version of  Better Homes Cookbook but ALAS!!!!.. the cookie recipe was different........... Sooo I had to write out my recipe and make copies of it and give it to them the next year along with new cookie sheets and cutters!!!


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Thank you so much for joining in on Vintage Love Saturday! I loved hearing your story!! I look forward to next week!! Glad that your daughter's will be able to carry on your wonderful cookies! They will one day cherish your handwritten recipe for them!

Melody said...

Oh Boy, what a great cookbook. I have a new Better Homes and in the back are a collection of vintage recipes from 30's-60's, but no sugar cookie recipe. I have the sugar cookie recipe my Grandma used in the McCalls cookbook I show. It's different from most of the new recipes too.

Melody said...

Hi Georgia! I'm so happy you stopped by ;) I see your from Ohio too! What part? I'm meeting more ohioans thru blogland.
Now that we know where we are in Blogland...let's not be strangers.
You'll find yourself on my bloglist too!

dexterous design said...

what a cool idea :)