Friday, August 5, 2011


 We are having a baby shower for my daughter . The baby will be named Charlie. We decided to have a Charlie Brown themed shower. We bought snoopy stickers  2 weeks ago to  add to the cardstock invites. Well I decided today to run out to  Walmart to get  a few more stickers (1.00 per pack). I figured 3 more packs would be more than enough and  was all proud of myself for saving money on invitations. So we get the stickers ( we have a brand new super Walmart now) and I decide to look and see if they have a "clearance " aisle like the old walmart. Lo and Behold I find  laces and trims  from the old Walmart ( they had a  fabric dept) .  They had some really nice eyelet lace  marked down from 3.97 per  1.00 per yard . It had pink and blue and yellow  embroidered butterflies.  I decide to buy 4 yards  for the little  pillowcase dresses I am planning on making. So I look and see 2 other trims that were really nice and marked way down so I had 3 in my hand and  started to look  and find out where to have my trims and laces cut .  I ask the first sale person I came to if she knew where to have the  things measured and cut and she told me ..."Oh we do not  sell things by the yard anymore ".... that is  the price for the whole spool"!!!!!  I ABOUT PEED MY PANTS!!  Needless to say, I went back and got more...and more ...and more..... I ended up with  48 spools/rolls of trim and ribbon  and 8 yards of burlap for 75 CENTS.  I spent 54.00 on  this ( see pics)!!!  So  instead of coming home with  three packs of stickers... I came home with 6 bags of trim and  a bolt of burlap..... Now all I have to do is get it all listed and hopefully some will sell fast so i can justify to Santa ( my hubby ) just why it was such a bargain. LOL

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